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The remanufactured cooling unit for the RBX series is not available, you must purchase the Brand-new if your OEM was a Unit Dometic had out source built without the outer frame.  

We have the Brand-new Amish built cooling unit for the DM2652RBX series on Special this Month  for $735.00

This order will transfer to a Brand-new cooling unit


Here's the link to up grade

A remanufactured coil is $565 if you have the outer frame

This listing is the DM2652 RBX or LBX series.   The DM2652RBX or LBX or LB1 was made for Dometic, only for a short time frame while they built a new manufactureing plant in Elkhart.   A model series with no outer frame around the cooling unit was manufactured outside the USA, a replacement will have a frame on the back side.  When you receivethe Brand-new  cooling unit it will look wrong, but will fit without any problem.  The Dometic unit of the RBX series are the only ones like this. If the core return has no outer frame and your return it for a rebate saying yours did have the outer frame when you placed the order,but it did not, there will be no rebate nor will there be any warranty on the cooling unit purchased due to stating wrong infomation when you place your order. A no outer frame style is not a usable core.

No Rebate for the Brand-new cooling Unit purchase



Hello, Thanks for checking out our cooling units here on the web site warehouse. 

All cooling units listed  in our warehouse,  will be shipped out within 24 hours.  

Why wait for weeks and weeks to get your cooling unit shipped, we have it ready to ship.


The Amish uses this style of refrig 24 hours a day, 52 week a year for 25 to 50 years.

  They must have a refrig that they can depend on.  This is the reason I choose this Amish Manufacture to buy from.  After years of testing, they formulate the charge to preform at a higher cooling performance..They do not charge with just the same old charges that only gives minimum cooling.  All the competitors just follow that because they do not have the years of testing or a reason to improve.

Another bit of information about this Amish Company.  They are the only company in the USA that not only remanufactures the RV Cooling unit, they also build  Brand-new RV cooling unit from scratch, both Dometic and Norcold.  You will not find anyone that can take raw unfinished goods and make the complete cooling unit from raw material to finish product.  Since they have been doing this for years with Home units, they said we can do the same for the RV's.


If you need a How to Change a Cooling Unit info just email me, you do not have to purchase to get this info.   I like to send this first so if our customer have questions we are here to answer

Click here for PDF File Change out Details



All cooling unit carry a 3 year replacement warranty and a 5 year for leaks




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by John
on 5/17/2021
I just installed my new cooling unit this weekend and its working great! My refrigerator is working better than it ever has. It has never cooled this good. The freezer is currently running -20 degrees and the fridge is 25 to 32 degrees while sitting closed up in my shop, it gets hot in the shop during the daytime. This was not hard to do, I just followed the directions and sealed the unit as good as I could and saved about $700 to boot by not having to buy a new refrigerator. Works as advertised!!!
by Vince
on 1/23/2020
Great customer service, fast shipping. Unit fit as described, works well and appears to be built so much better than the original. How to instructions and video were very helpful. Thanks so much to the great folks at RV Cooling Unit Warehouse for your quick response to emails and making sure I got the correct cooling unit and getting it shipped quickly.
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