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Dometic reman DMR702 coling unit is a very late model so all we have to replace with at the time is the RM2652 coils which will work other than you may need to remove the bottom rail for fitting it correct.  On the Brand-new coils we have in stock for that model, the bottom rail is flat an does not need changed. Only the reman unit bottom rail needs to be modified. 

Hello, Thanks for checking out our cooling units here be sure to check out the web too..

All cooling units are in our warehouse, so we can ship cooling units out within 24 hours.  

Why wait for weeks and weeks to get your cooling unit shipped, we have it already to ship.

$100.00 factory refund rebate will be issued back to you after core is returned

. The reason for this program is to give a better cooling unit to our customers. The rebate is paid back to the customer within a few days after the core is returned and received. The core is returned using the prepaid shipping tag at no cost to you. The reason we have to do  it this way is a better way to insure that we get the core back, in turn we can hold our prices down. We do a very high volume of cooling unit sells, as the high positive feed back shows.


A little info on the cooling units I sell. I do not build the units. They are purchased from a Amish Refrigeration Manufacturing company. Not just a start up company with a few years experience. The Amish specialize in the home refrig's giving 25 to 50 years service..The RV units are not much different.. There is no patching, only new tubing, new foam pack, new backer, and extra bracing also comes with thermal mastic.

The Amish pride is to give a dependable and long lasting unit. The warranty is for three years with an option to extend.. These units are built to give a colder than the original refrig, from years of testing. These units will hold a cold temp in side even then the outside temp goes to 100 degrees. Most competitors units are just charged standard and might hold 45 degrees at 100 degrees out side. I have been in the RV Repair business for over 40 years and I know that RV owners want their refrig to be dependable and cold.

The Amish uses this style of refrig 24 hours a day, 52 week a year for 25 to 50 years.

  They must have a refrig that they can depend on.  This is the reason I choose this Manufacture to buy from.  After years of testing, they formulate the charge to preform at a higher cooling performance..They do not charge with just the same old charges that only gives minim cooling.  All the competitors just follow that because they do not have the years of testing..


If you need a How to Change a Cooling Unit info just email me, you do not have to purchase to get this info.   I like to send this first so if our customer have questions we are here to answer

All cooling unit carry a 3 year replacement warranty and a 5 year for leaks




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