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This is the cooling unit for the RM1350 and not the cooling unit for the RM1350SL.  Be sure to confirm rather your model does or does not have the "SL" after the RM1350, these are to different style cooling units.  We do have the cooling unit for the "SL" style listed here on web site aswell.


The word is getting out to RV Dealers and RV owners through alot of the RV forums. The aftermarket replacement Dometic RM1350 cooling units built by the Amish Refrigeration Company are brand-new cooling unit coils, not remanufactured. Place your order today, if you place your order before they finish coming off the production line it may be a backorder and all backordered customers orders will be filled and shipped first.

Click on these older rv forum links for some details of what customers are saying about these units.





Update Note!! With sells from my  web site, eBay, and RV Dealers orders, it's making the production of Brand-new cooling units the fastest growing and selling cooling unit, but more are on the way so there will not be an issues on long wait time backorders when you place your order Today!

Important Read!

After you place the order be sure you have included a day time phone number.

If you noticed from the listed picture, the Amish RV Refrigeration company has again improved the design of the Dometic cooling unit. They also have a double loop through the condenser fins giving twice the air flow condensing as the Dometic OEM units. This means you will be able to have a colder refrigerator during the hottest of weather. All this and having the cooling units built with tubing that's 50% THICKER WALLS plus all units now are built with a

full 1 inch diameter evaporator coil tubing, with no recalls needed for any of the Amish built units

WARNING!!   It has become an increasing problem, that some customers, when placing their order are failing to state the Business Name, the store front Business  name and the customer name must be on the invoice. If shipping to a confirmed business address without the Business name  on the invoice it  will be terminal pickup and we will not be able to change once shipped without a charge.  In alot of cases, it is not a store front type business, with increased charges billed back to us.  We are having to start a new policy, about this issue, to keep from passing an increasing freight charges per ship to all, to off set the increased shipping to a residential address,  averaging out the price for everyone.  To keep the low freight shipping cost as is,  if the ship to address given by customers stating it is a business address,  but is the residential address,  once the freight company arrives to drop off an  it's not a commerial business, but a residential address,  your cooling unit warranty is voided, till the added charges placed by the freight company are paid by the person that placed the order, the added cost could be in the $100 to $175 or more additional freight charges above the amount already paid. Also the shipping charge paid does no include inside delivery, not even set in a door way.  Freight companies add additional charges for every little thing.   Confirmed Business no added charges  or terminal Pickup no added charges, if we have to get the freight company to re-consign to another address it is a charge.  We have no control of freight company policies. Any special request by customer to freight company is not covered an customer would pay the freight company, example: Lift gate, inside delivery, changing the address.

This does not pertain to any UPS shipping.



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