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This add-on upper Condenser Air flow baffle will increase the air flow through the condenser fins.  The more air flow through the upper condenser fins the more efficient the cooling will be inside the refrigerator.

 Note:  Notice how the add on Baffle closes the gap between the RV wall over to the condensers fins. About 85 to 90% of all RV manufactures do not built the cabinet for any refrigerator to specs, to large of gap causes failed cooling.

If the baffle is ordered at the same time a cooling unit order is placed, be sure to use the drop down ship option of the shipping cost quote for that item, adjust the shipping  options, choose "shipped with cooling unit" the shipping will change to zero shipping cost for the Air Flow Baffle.


This added Condenser baffle is for the standard 2 door refrigerators, it's a must for  ALL refrigerators installed in slides, but also can improve cooling capacity for standard installs with roof vent.


The baffle is a very easy install, just a couple cable ties to hold in place.  Of course you can install or mount any way needed to block air flow from exiting before going through the Condenser Fins.



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