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This Optional Extended Warranty is for a 10 year  extended warranty replacement for the RV Amish built Cooling Units only. The standard RV cooling unit warranty is for 3 years for any cooling problem and 5 years for leaks. The extended replacement warranty would be for 10 years from the original date of cooling unit purchase of customer. The extended warranty must be purchased within the first 30 days of the RV cooling unit purchase. Once the cooling unit extended warranty is purchased an email will be sent to confirmed. The Amish built cooling units are the only cooling unit built in the USA that will give a 10 year replacment warranty.

This Policy is for all the standard Norcold and Dometic Refrigerators, not the Norcold or Dometic larger side by side Refrigerators.  For the Side by Side models you would select the Optional policy Part number EWPSS.

This extended warranty is only offered to Customers that have purchased their cooling units from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse.

NOTE: The extended warranty policies are only for USA purchases.

Once the optional extended warranty is purchased, customer data and model number must emailed back to us to  confirmed numbers before extended warranty coverage typed up an mailed to address given.

The copy should will not be valid till customer data and company seal is embossed along with Autherized signature.  Hard copy will be mail to customer.  An email copy will follow in a few days after purchase for customer record and the plicy print with customer data. The extended warranty does not cover any labor charges or any other cost.  If warranty in needed after the standard warranty time and the extended warranty is in effect the customer would pay the shipping to customer address.


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