Frost Guard Fan 5 fan model for Dometic RM1350
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Frost Guard Fan 5 fan

Place orders now, Frost Guard Fans will be Custom Built as orders come in,

These fans are custom built from scratch, so we will need a few days lead time before we ship

Our "Frost Guard" brand Dometic RM1350 Evaporator with 5 fans & with White LED light are specially made only for the 4 Door Dometic RM1350 with evaporator 23 inch wide fins

 simple and quick way to increase your refrigerator cooling, plus the main feature of no Frost Build up. 

With our Frost Guard Fan design there's no need to relocate interior light fixture, no need to relocate the thermistor.

This unit will not take up space since it fits close the fins an the correct angle to circulate the coldness through out and to keep the un-wanted frost from building up across the evaporator fins.

Make your refrigerator Frost Free and cold with our "Frost Guardbrand evaporator fan unit.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Inside temps are even from top to bottom

Your fan will allow the refrigerator to maintain colder without building up Frost, making it work like a Frost Free 

  • Thermostat does not have to be set so cold

  • The 5 Fan unit is wired to 12 vdc power source Amp draw is only 0.07 per Fan Motor

  • Fans has a off-on switch for independent controlling of either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 fan plus LED light at any time.

  • Each Fan works independent from LED light

  • Norcold refrigerators have a usable light, but Fan DC power does not come from light 

  • Heavy 26 gauge Powder coated frame with side flanges velcro attached for easy install & mounting

  • Fans can be used to dry out refrigerator after the refrigerator is turned off before placing in storage

  • All Fans have Chrome Metal grills and toggle switch for each

  • No drilling to mount Fans

  • Fans allows it to cool food to a save temperature at a faster time

  • Fans fits the 4 Door Dometic RM1350 Models, frame of the "Frost Guard" is 23 inch wide to give full coverage

  • Mounting of Fans to evaporator will save money due to refrigerator cools faster.

  • Keeps Fins from heavy frost build up

  • No need to defrost

  • Carries a one year replacement warranty

  • Easy removal for cleaning when needed

  • Fans control by small toggle switch and the LED light controls it's toggle switch. Run any number fans at any given time

  • A Great gift for a friend

  • Fan wire Harness will come with terminals you crimp on after you slide the fan lead through the drain for the 12 volt DC connection.

  • The OEM interior light does not need to be relocated

  • Each fan would only draw 0.07 amps

  • 23 inch wide 5 1/2 inch over all height

  • This unit will attach to the RM1350 evaporator fins with or without the Water in the Door Canister on the left wall

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