DM2862RBX LBX RBFX series Dometic Cooling Unit 826a
Item #DM2862RBX
Dometic / Dometic

 DM2862RBX Cooling unit Series

This listing is the DM2862 RBX LBX LB1 or a no frame.  The DM2862 with out the outer frame was made for Dometic, only for a short time while they built a new manufacturing plant in Elkhart.  If Your model with the NO Frame series has no frame and was manufactured outside the USA, a replacement will have a frame on the back side. If your returned core has no outer frame there will be NO rebate or Warranty. When you receive a cooling unit it will look wrong, but will fit without any problem. The Dometic units built in Japan or Germany with the no outer Frame are the only ones like this. No rebate if your unit is one without the outer frame, it would be best if you purchase the Brand-new Amish built so you would get full warranty without guessing. This only applies to the NO outer Frame model units..


$100.00 refund rebate will be issued back to you after core is returned Another great saving is the $100.00 rebate refund Going on Now!. The rebate is issued back to the customer within few days after the core is returned and received. The core is returned using the prepaid shipping label, at no cost to you.

3 year warranty with option to extend


All Cooling unit comes with Tube of Thermal Mastic cold Transfer Compound, spray foam sealer to make to the foam block when placed back air tight sealed, and foil back tape to give a nice finish look around the backer