Dometic RM1350 "SL" style Amish built Cooling Unit
Item #RM1350SL
Dometic / RM1350SL,RM1350SLMX,CU949SL

Dometic RM1350SL style Amish built Cooling Unit

This listing is for the RM1350SL with the letter SL after the model number, only. Dometic made a special model with a different cooling unit foam block which can be noted by the letter "SL". The difference is the upper foam pack thickness, they are not interchangeable.

This is the cooling unit for the RM1350SL only and not the cooling unit for the RM1350. Be sure to confirm rather your model does or does not have the letter "SL" as these are to different cooling units. We also have the cooling unit for the RM1350 listed here on web site if your model does not show to have the letter SL after the model number. Any other letter or letters means nothing about the cooling unit.

Click Below for the PDF change out File!Arejq0PTOzT2gaRqzwJzPd1URI-7Dw?e=2xfAqC


3 year warranty with option to extend


The word is getting out to RV Dealers and RV owners through a lot of the RV forums. The aftermarket replacement Dometic RM1350 cooling units built by the Amish Refrigeration Company are brand-new cooling unit coils, not remanufactured

There is a Bold sticker on the box stating: "Do not sign for UNIT till you open and inspect checking for Major shipping Damage and/or Leaks". If major damage or ammonia leaks present refuse the shipment. If you sign for a Major shipping damage found later, you own the unit. Minor Box Damage is not a concern.

After you place the order be sure you have included a day time phone number.

If you noticed from the listed picture, the Amish RV Refrigeration company has again improved the design of the Dometic cooling unit. They also have a double loop through the condenser fins giving twice the air flow condensing as the Dometic OEM units. This means you will be able to have a colder refrigerator during the hottest of weather. All this and having the cooling units built with tubing that's 50% THICKER WALLS plus all units now are built with a full 1 inch diameter evaporator coil tubing, with no recalls needed for any of the Amish built units


All Cooling unit comes with Tube of Thermal Mastic cold Transfer Compound, spray foam sealer to make to the foam block when placed back air tight sealed, and foil back tape to give a nice finish look around the backer