Condenser Fan kit with 2 Flush Mount fans and wire harness, Surface mounted thermostat, better air flow increase the cooling performance for a colder refrigerator
Item #12032FKSM-2
Air Flow / 12032,Condenser fan

This 2 Fan add on Kit, is a very easy install, usable on any brand or model RV refrigerator. One Great for a Slide out Upper Vent. You will get with this 2 Fan kit the mounting hardware, Wire Harness, Automatic Fan Thermostat surface mounted, and a master 12Volt DC power ON-OFF toggle switch, and built in fuse.  

 This 2 Fan aftermarket Flush Mounted FAN kit that will increase the flow of air through the Condenser fins for faster removing of heat that was pulled from the inside refrigerator, this will allow cooling of the inside of the food zone to cool faster and able to maintain cold during the hottest of weather when you have a good flow of air through the condenser fins..

The most important way for getting your RV refrigerator to cool correct, is good flow of air through the condenser fins. Fans are not used to remove heat from the compartment, they are only used to increase air flow through the condenser fins.  Most RV refrigerators need the increased air flow when the out side temps reaches 85 degrees or higher.

NOTE: For shipping, The thermostat we will need to know, would be a surface mounted style, but we will need answer rather you will be using this kit for the Amish Brand-new cooling unit as it will require a different switch style to the OEM units or if you are mounting this kit on the back side of an OEM cooling unit or a remanufactured cooling unit since all other fan switches would be listed as OEM style. temps to activate Fan automatically turning ON at temp set by the fan switch type not weather air temp.


Fan over all size and Specs.

4 3/4 by 4 3/4 by 1 1/4

RPM 2300

Amp 0.25

DC voltage up to 13.7v

DC Brushless

Ball bearing

Fans can be mounted in any way you want, regardless where or how they are mounted the flow of air goes through the condenser fins.


These FANs are a great add-on for any refrigerator in a slide out room to help the air to exit out the upper vent if you make a baffle to close the gap from the RV wall to the condenser fin so not wasted air is lost bypass going through the condenser fin and you can zip tie one of the 12032 fans to the Vent door.