634166 Norcold Door Hinge reinforcement repair kit Will Ship TODAY
Item #634166CM
Norcold Parts / Hinge repair Kit,634166

Special Notice: We Had them custom made, Norcold Door Hinge Repair Kit NOW IN STOCK !

This Reinforcement Hinge Kit was discontinued by Norcold and never made for the New Polar Series so we had them custom made for both, now Black Powder Coated ready to ship. When you purchase it will be a few days before we can ship out as we are filling all the Backorder list customers first . The kit will install the same and we will still will use the same Part number for now. Tell your Friends they can stop searching all over the USA, we have them in stock !

Norcold Reinforced Hinge Kit 634166 (Fits The series of N6xx, N8xx, & N1095 Models)

Norcold Discontinued that part, an we now have the new custom built Hinge repair kit in stock , we had it custom made just for you. If we run out we can produce more. The new custom built units comes with 2 screws and 2 washers, for top and bottom Hinge like the original Kit.. The picture shows the new Hinge Repair Kit showing it did not change and will work to keep you from Buying a new Complete door replacement. You need to reinforce your Plastic hinge with the Metal repair kit before you have to replace complete Door.

Are you having to replace your door because it broke out the plastic Hinge base due to excess weight or hard swinging of the door? Done wait till the plastic cracks, add the reinforcement Hinge repair Kit before it happens on your trip. This hinge kit Metal PLATE base hinge adds extra strength to the door, SOLVES the problem. This kit will only work on Norcold series of N6xx, N8xx, and N1095 models doors. This kit is a recommended replacement part for models that have had the door break at the lower hinge, a very common problem. If your door has broken off, you will need to replace the door. This hinge kit simply reinforces the new door lower hinge to prevent a break at the door frame and SAVEs $$$$$ from replacing the Door. Why wait till it cracks. Metal will not crack.

Fix the your models like :

  • N611 N621 N622 N641 NX641 NXA641 N811 N821 N822 N841 NX841 NXA841

To stall: simply Slide in place with the Round Ring firmly around bushing, mark your top 2 holes in the Door Frame.  Use a small drill to make a pilot hole to attach the screws furnished to secure Metal Hinge kit plate. If your Plastic Hinge area is cracked or broken out use JB Weld to place under the area an then place the Hinge repair in place to screw down tight to form a strong Hinge area to last many years.

We also will have a Special designed Door Hinge repair kits for the Norcold Polar series in Stock in about a couple Days, Tell your Friends. Waiting no get them powder coated.