Norcold 225 watt Heating element 45 degree bend set of 2
Item #n225w45d
Heating Element / 225 watt

This is a set of 2 replacement Norcold Electric AC 120v  225 watt  Heating element for several Norcold models. This element will fit most of the RV Norcold 1210 series and the 1211's 4 Door Refrigerators.

 The Norcold models that this Brand-new AC element will fit is:

The 4 Door series of some 2010's & 2011's models

This listing is for a set of 2 of the 225watt Heating elements for the Norcold 4 Door Refrigerators using the 225 watt having the 45 degree bend.

These elements are not the standard size used in the older Norcold 4 doors, if you do have the small size 45 degree bend element for the 1210 or 1211.