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The Brand-new Amish built Norcold 2118 Polar Max series  cooling units is off production Line,the Brand-new Amish built cooling unit for Norcold 2118 are  ready to ship 

This Norcold 2118 cooling unit replacement coil will be the correct replacement for Norcold Poplar Max 2118.   The Brand-new Amish built cooling unit for the Norcold 2118 is designed to have a cooler boiler operating temp.

The cooling unit will come with a New LP Burner and 2 New AC Heating elements. It will look different, but is the correct re-designed coils to fit the N2118

Note!!!: You must use the LP Burner and elements we ship with unit for this unit.  Since the boiler operates at a low heated temperature you must use the LP burner we snd with unit, it is still an OEM Norcold part.  The AC heating element are also OEM wattage.  The LP burner allows the cooling unit operate and cool better than the OEM cooling unit with the burner of the 2118.,



The demand for the Amish built cooling units is growing faster than production can keep up with, the RV'ers and RV Dealers across the USA are starting to hear about the way the Amish Refrigeration Company changed the way the Norcold Cooling Units are built (see note below). The factory has increased production output to meet demand.

This is an important message below that should be read. 

WARNING!!   It has become an increasing problem, that some customers, when placing their order are failing to state the Business Name, the store front Business  name and the customer name must be on the invoice. If shipping to a confirmed business address without the Business name  on the invoice it  will be terminal pickup and we will not be able to change once shipped without a charge.  In alot of cases, it is not a store front type business, with increased charges billed back to us.  We are having to start a new policy, about this issue, to keep from passing an increasing freight charges per ship to all, to off set the increased shipping to a residential address,  averaging out the price for everyone.  To keep the low freight shipping cost as is,  if the ship to address given by customers stating it is a business address,  but is the residential address,  once the freight company arrives to drop off an  it's not a commerial business, but a residential address,  your cooling unit warranty is voided, till the added charges placed by the freight company are paid by the person that placed the order, the added cost could be in the $100 to $175 or more additional freight charges above the amount already paid. Also the shipping charge paid does no include inside delivery, not even set in a door way.  Freight companies add additional charges for every little thing.   Confirmed Business no added charges  or terminal Pickup no added charges, if we have to get the freight company to re-consign to another address it is a charge.  We have no control of freight company policies. 

This does not pertain to any UPS shipping.


Customers  have now found out that  there is another option, from replacing their cooling unit with a high failure remanufactured units or back to the OEM Norcold cooling units, still facing the recall problems or short term failures.  The Amish RV Refrigeration company has changed that.  They are building the new units with some thicker tubing, designed the boiler tube operation to be 100's of degree coler, and   no recalls and no short term failures.

  Norcold 2118's brand new cooling units coming soon.  Cooling Unit sells are almost at the same pace as units are coming off the production line.  We are trying to complete production to ship out soon as possible.   We can not promise that a unit will ship ASAP, since we taking orders now.  All orders are filled in the order they are received.   Since this model will sell very fast we can have good stock one day an sold out the next day.  The New Amish 2118 series cooling units will be selling faster than production.  Next production run will be 1st week of the next month, order now as the rush for these cooling units are growing larger day by day, as RV'ers and RV Dealers hear about the Norcold 2118 cooling units built by the Amish and no recall kit needed. SUMMER is close, why wait.  The closer to the Vacations and Hot Summer days, the faster they will sell and stock will go down fast.

Even after the Amish RV Refrigeration company doubledand now tripled the production, incoming orders  still are out pacing production.  Starting April, this year,  the production has tripled the out put to keep up with demand.

NOTE!  If you  noticed  the picture of the Amish built Norcold 2118 series cooling unit, the Amish RV Refrigeration Company have changed to a better cooling design, having 2 sets of lower loops on the back  to allow for better air flow and able to maintain colder during hotter weather than before and no recall kits needed, since the complete cooling unit coils tubing  is built with some tubing  50% thicker tubing wall,  Plus now the evaporator tubing is a full one inch diameterr  able to make a colder unit. Also, other added design, boiler tube runs 100's of degree cooler, double loops,  they built into the upper condenser fins a double pass through tubing allowing the air to pass through the fins causing to Ammonia Vapor to condense with less air flow.  All these added designs give your Amish built cooling unit a very high degree of cold during the hottest weather without causing your coils to over heat and fail. Warranty for 3 years for any cooling problem and 5 year pro-rated for leaks.


The OEM Norcold depends on the added fans, as you know, All OEM 2118 series units come standard from Norcold with fans, but if the fans go out, the cooling unit fails.  With this new design having the ability to pull more heat out,  the air flow from the fans must be producing good flow of air through the condenser fins,  the efficiency of the cooling unit is greater.  Also very very imporatant to confirm the refrigerator comparment is built so the gap from the outer surface of the condenser over to the RV wall no more than 1/2 inch.  

Special shipping price....Brand-new Amish built cooling unit coils for the Norcold side by side. Order today & void the rush. These Amish built cooling units for the Norcold are completely redesigned. Save 1000's of dollars. Replace it yourself.




The Larger side by side cooling units  can only be shipped by Truck Freight. 

All Residential, Mobile RV Service, or RV Parks will be listed as terminal pick up only.

Giving a false business name, to have the shipping to your door, without paying the option  residential freight delivery charge will void all warranties Unless you paid for this special freight line delivery charges

Great NEWS!!

Now, from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse, the Norcold Brand-new Cooling Units.  We are the only source in the USA that offers the cooling units that are built by the Amish Refrigeration Manufacturer.


They also use  special formulas in the Brand-new units we sell, but go a large step forward when they changed the design of the original Norcold Brand-new cooling units to give that extra cooling performance needed to give the long lasting cold during the hottest weather that RV's run in to.  The old original Norcold design is good, more for the short term use in moderate temp weather.  If you have to replace  the cooling unit WHY not replace it with the cooling unit that will give the cold that you are looking for.

The Amish RV Refrigeration company will not do any remanufacturing of side by side cooling units due to the fact that the inner tubings can not be flushed and confirmed that all Contaminations are removed.  Without the inner coils cleaned the failure rate would be very high, failure within 1 1/2 to 2 years before showing up. 

If you need a "How to Change a Cooling Unit" info

 read over to see how easy the cooling units are to change out just drop me a email, I"ll email back a complete PDF file for this How to info.

You can search the complete web or all over the ebay listings along with all the rebuilders through out the USA, all you will find is people that will say "Oh we can do that!", or "Any one can build them", "We don't need to build new cooling unit", "We re-build the best cooling units around", "Rebuilt cooling units are good enough for RV owners".

Question:  Why can't these re-builders build a complete cooling unit from scratch?

  My answer: They Can't and wont.

Any re-builder can repair a part and add the old charge back to a cooling unit.  It takes a higher quality company that can & do build cooling units from raw tubing materials, start to finished goods, with very high cooling performance.

All the cooling units will have a standard 5 year replacement warranty with the option to extend.   


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