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INSTALL VIDEO'S BELOW Here's the correct way for a Norcold 1200 series cooling unit install

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Here's the correct way for a Dometic 2652 or 2852 or NDR1062 series cooling unit install

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Here's the correct way to change the cooling for the Dometic side by side models

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Here's the correct way for a Norcold 2 door models cooling unit install

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We will only ship Brand-new Cooling units to Alaska or Canada.  

All Shipments to Alaska or Canada will have special shipping requirements, we only ship Brand-new cooling unit. Check the drop down options after you have typed in your shipping location. For any cooling unit going to Alaska by UPS or FedEx no longer can ship, since they stopped shipping by Ground and cooling units can not ship by Air. must ship as truck freight.

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NEWS SPECIAL Get $100.00 back when the core is returned...This special only for any remanufactured cooling units. except Dometic units without outer frame around coils.

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Hello RV'ers! Welcome to

 RV Cooling Unit Warehouse

We are newbies to web design, and this site is under construction, BUT WE DO KNOW ABOUT RV COOLING UNITS!




 You have come to the right place for your RV Cooling Unit needs. Our family has been in the RV business for over 53 years.


          "RV Cooling Unit Warehouse", is the Norcold and Dometic aftermarket cooling unit place to shop!
We are so glad you are here!
You have come to the best place to order your aftermarket replacement RV Cooling Unit. We stock just about every cooling unit for both Norcold and Dometic RV refrigerators.
The cooling units we warehouse are manufactured by only one company. This manufacturer builds both a brand-new cooling unit from scratch, and also completely re-manufactures the old leaking or non-working cooling unit cores. The re-manufactured cooling unit is the most common cooling unit used to get RV'ers refrigerators back to a working condition. We sell & stock both, the re-manufactured as well as the new cooling units. There are more details about each model on the item description pages.
        Here is a little data about these cooling units. They are built by an Amish Refrigeration Manufacturer that mainly builds complete Home Refrigerators & Home Freezer Units. Most of the companies that re-manufacture cooling units that you have read about or find on the Internet, only re-work the old cores of defective units. That's the norm. The one thing that sets this manufacturer apart from all others is they do both new and re-manufactured units without doing the normal types of repairs, such as using the standard cooling charge of ammonia and the hydrogen pressure charge. It took many many years of testing to get the Home Refrigerators to be able to get cold and of course hold the coldest for the longest hot summer months. They came up with propriety formulas in order to build extra cold and dependable cooling units. As you know, a Home Refrigerator carries more food, and don't forget the ice cream needs to stay frozen hard. We searched for a long time before discovering this Amish company, with such great quality and performance, and we don't feel you will be disappointed. 

Most RV dealers do not want the RV owner to know how easy it is to change out a cooling unit. All of the cooling units we sell are easy do it yourself change outs. There are no special skills, tools, welding, charging or license needed for the cooling unit coils change out. They will come to you ready to install. The average change out will take about 3 hours, start to finish. Now that you have changed the cooling unit out, your RV is back on the road, and the family is happy!

Some very important  information  about this process. There is great savings by changing a cooling unit yourself and not buying a complete refrigerator box. New refrigerators, either Dometic or the Norcold, can cost in the high 1000's plus the install labor (average $150.00 per hour). A replacement cooling unit can be 1/3 that cost. Why throw that money away?

We can email you the complete "How to Change a Cooling Unit" information before you consider doing a cooling unit change out yourself, and we will be glad to help with trouble shooting the problems to confirm if you have a bad cooling unit or not.
A SICK refrigerator can always be fixed, not just thrown away