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The LED Light has been upgraded to a brighter White light an ready for shipping. 


A very simple and quick way to increase your refrigerator cooling, simply install a add-on evaporator fins fan to any model with the Special LED accent light, 2 toggle switches to turn on fan or LED light separate.

We have mainly sold this Deluxe LED fan through our  web site. We have sold over 4000's  this year of the Deluxe Fans, we are making it available now through eBay and Amazon.  For every cooling unit sold through our web site, the customer is adding a evaporator circulation fan to their order.

This unit does not have to be wired to the interior light, but can if your refrigerator has DC power to light at all times. Why take a chance mis-wiring to damage PC Board controlled light DC power slide the fan wire through the drain tube to make a DC connection on the back side.

Take a look at the picture to compare fan size of OUR fans: compared to Competiors small fans.Why pay for something an not get, like larger fan for better air flow for max cooling ability, independantON-OFF switches  so you can control fam or LED light without removing fan as one competitors states or turn off refrigerator. What if you want to keep fan running just to vent for drying out the insides before putting up for storage.

This simple add-on make your refrigerator work like a frost free refrigerator plus allowing the inside to be colder quick top to bottom.



Make your refrigerator cold not just marginally cool.


Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Inside temps are even from top to bottom
  • Your fan will allow the RV refrigerator to maintain colder though out top to bottom
  • Thermostat setting does not have to be set so cold
  • Fan can be wired to interior 12 vdc light or any 12 volt DC power source
  • Fan has 2 OFFF-ON switches for independent control of light or fan, no need to remove to turn off like competitors units
  • Fan can be wired to any 12 vdc power when refrigerator has no useable interior light
  • Heavy gauge Aluminum frame with Stainless Steel cable, push on clips for mounting plus a metal grill for keeping the fingers out.
  • Fan can be used to dry out refrigerator after the refrigerator is turned off
  • Easy push on mounting that's Stainless Steel. No alligator spring clips to rust like most competitors units
  • No drilling to mount Fans
  • Saves a weak cooling refrigerator, allowing it to cool food to a save temperature
  • Fans fits any RV Brand or Model, with or without DC power to Refrigerator from a small single door to the large side by sides.
  • Mounting of Fans to evaporator will save money due to refrigerator cools faster.
  • Keeps Fins from heavy frost build up
  • No need to defrost
  • A great add-on fan for the Marine or Truck refrigerators to cool like the RV'ers.
  • With some models this Fan wiring was designed to be a Plug n Play install.
  • One year replacement warranty
  • A Great gift for a friend

Some of the newer Refrigerators in RV's do not have the light for the quick hook up, so we have designed the fan to be wired either to light or to any 12 vdc source without any fan modifying. It will come with all terminals needed, so you can wire as needed.

Great safety feature with this add-on fan, from others of this style, it does not have to be wired to the interior light, which has an inline fuse to prevent, if fan shorts out burning up your PC board of most RV refrigerator used.

This Dual Fan frame is same color as the inside Evaporator Fins giving a more attractive inside from having odd stand out color fans like competitors.

The fan is not the standard small fan used by competitors, check out the size.

Each fan size is 2 3/8 x 2 3/8 with over All frame widths are 6 1/2 inch and height of 4 1/8 and thickness 1/2.  A fan CFM 14.67 Amp Draw 0.10 to 0.14 DC Volage 12 VDC to 13.7 VDC

The large fan moving more air through out the refrigerator, spreading the cold condenser fin temperature faster from top to bottom 

Notice the LARGER blades,  so the high RPM can move more air without the high amp draw or load to move a large blade. It's like the Turbines of a Jet Engine.


The cable not only is used to mount, it is also used as Vibration Damper with stainless steel push on locking grounding clips.

The electrical wire is about 72 inches long giving you enough to work with, not only is the wires long, it's doubled and protected in a sleeve.

Frame is metal, most competotors are Plastic Frame. 

Some of the pictures shown with LED and fan OFF, only to show a better view of the fan. This unit comes with the 2 chrome Metal grills

If at any time more details are needed, send me your questions. If any wiring help is needed, send me your request.












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