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Brief Information: Replacement Dometic Refrigerator Board

Complete Overview: MICRO P-246 Plus  Comes as a 3-way (AC/DC/Gas).  Remove an option jumper for 2-way operation.  The New Micro P246 Plus is fully compatible with both the OLD and NEW   gas valve systems used in Dometic Refrigerators.  It replaces the earlier MIRCO P-24 2 way, 3 way and the MICRO P-26.

This Mirco P Series replacement circuit boards for the Dometic Refrigerator have the Microcontrollers for the highly reliable operation.  A self-resetting circuit breaker on the 12 volt circuit protects the board from short circuits and accidental reverse polarity and the red LED comes on when the circuit breaker is tripped.  These boards are fused on both sides of the AC to protect the board from short circuit faults in the AC heater element and the wires.  All the Dinosaur circuit boards are manufactured with the quality First in mind.  Every board is tested before packaging.

  Warranty is three years.

Works with the following models

RM2602       RM2603     RM2802

       RM2803        RM3501

RM3601        RM3604       RM3801       RM3804       RM4801

RM4804      RM7030 (older model prod #921890201 and 921890301)

  RM4804.002       RM4804.004       RM4804.005



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