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New DG Fan-1
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    This Deluxe model is called the Custom Deluxe with metal  grill  .        


A simple and quick way to increase your refrigerator cooling, simply install a add-on evaporator fins fan to any model.


Make your refrigerator cold not just marginally cool.


Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Inside temps are even from top to bottom
  • Your fan will allow the refrigerator to maintain colder though out top to bottom
  • Thermostat does not have to be set so cold
  • Fan may be able to wired to interior 12 vdc light, confirm first as not all refrigrators have a useable interior light
  • Fan has a off-on switch for independent control. 12 VDC to 13.7 VDC  Amp per Fan is 0.010amp
  • Fan can be wired to any 12 vdc power when refrigerator has no interior light
  • Heavy gauge Aluminum frame with Stainless Steel push on locking clips an Stainless Steel cable for mounting
  • Fan can be used to dry out refrigerator after the refrigerator is turned off
  • Easy push on mounting that are Stainless Steel. NO aligator squeeze clips like some competiors fan for mounting
  • No drilling to mount Fans
  • Saves a weak cooling refrigerator, allowing it to cool food to a save temperature
  • Fans fits any Brand or Model, with or without DC power to Refrigerator from a small single door to the large side by sides.
  • Mounting of Fans to evaporator will save money due to refrigerator cools faster.
  • Keeps Fins from heavy frost build up
  • No need to defrost
  • Makes your RV refrigerator like a  frost free model
  • On most models the Fan wiring was designed to be a Plug n Play install.
  • One year replacement warranty
  • A Great gift for a friend

Some of the newer Refrigerators in RV's do not have the light for the quick hook up, so we have designed the fan to be wired either to usabvle light or to any 12 vdc source without any fan modifying. It will come with piggyback terminal, so you can wire as needed to a DC power.

The Powder coated fan frame size is: 7 1/2 inch wide by 4 inch high and sticks out from the Evaporator fins approximate 1/2 inch.  This fan takes up NO inside room. 



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