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This add-on optional time delay "off" relay is a special designed relay set up for customers that have a fan or fans run problem of short run time cycling.  If your fans are going ON & OFF in short running cycles of only a few seconds ON and a few seconds OFF.

Note !:    The refrigerator would have to be pulled to add the special relay and new fan switch.


The way this add-on relay works, is by preventing the fan from turning off with short run time. The fans, even after the fan switch has opened the circuit, dropping the DC voltage to the fans.  The fans will still run a longer time after the switch has opened.  This stops all the short cycles.

This special fan control run time relay is mainly for the Norcold 1200 series since that model comes from Norcold with 2 standard fans. If this switch is needed for any other model or brand it will work the same.

If You are planing to add additional fans to your unit, this would be a great item to include, letting the relay carry the load rather than like the OEM design of allowing the small fan switch to carry to load.  The relay could handle any number of added fans.


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