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Great NEWS!!

Now, from RV Cooling Unit Warehouse, the Dometic Brand-new Cooling Units.  We are the only source in the USA that offers the cooling units that are built by the Amish Refrigeration Manufacturer.

These cooling units are completely re designed to the Amish specs.  Using some of the special Ammonia formulas and tubing design that they have used in the manufacture of the Home refrig and freezer line after many, many years of testing.   Since they have the Home units to the high performance needed for the Home, they started to use the same specs for the RV cooling units.

They also use the special formulas in the re man units we sell, but go a large step forward when they changed the design of the original Dometic Brand-new cooling units to give that extra cooling performance needed to give the long lasting cold during the hottest weather that RV's run in to.  The old original Dometic design is good, but more for the short term use in moderate temp weather.  If you have to replace  the cooling unit WHY not replace it with the cooling unit that will give the cold that you are looking for.

If you need a "How to Change a Cooling Unit" info

 read over to see how easy the cooling units are to change out just drop me a email, i"ll email back a complete PDF file for this How to info or click link below

Click to view PDF File

If you would like more info about the cooling units I sell, just do a Google search for RV Cooling Unit Warehouse.


You can search the complete web or all over the ebay listings along with all the rebuilders through out the USA, all you will find is people that will say "Oh we can do that!, or any one can build them we done need to build new cooling unit, we re-build the best cooling around.

Question:  Why can't these re-builders build a complete cooling unit from scratch?

  My answer: They Can't & Don't.

Any re-builder can repair a part and add the old charge back to a cooling unit.  It takes a higher quality company that can & do build cooling units from raw tubing materials, start to finished goods, with very high cooling performance like the Amish craftmanship does.

I know that a lot of RV customers only buy by price.  Most all of my sells from my web site or eBay listings are from  customer referrals.   They all wanted a cooling unit that not only cooled but cooled great all the time, not just in moderate weather.  I do not think you can go wrong with sells from referrals.  I have been around RV's service  for a long time, as my high number of positive feed back from just sell on eBay shows.  A lot of cooling unit selling eBayers or web sites  have come and gone, some even sell for a short term, leave, change their names and start over.  Can't see the neg feedback that way or unable to contact old sold customers for references about the cooling preformance of the cooling unit they purchased or even questions about how their install went.


All the cooling units will have a standard 5 year replacement warranty with the option to extend 10 years.  


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