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Picture shows 2 fans, but this listing is for only

one Single Fan 


We have a  Single fan set up designed for an easy clamp on install for any styleany modelany brand, or any size cooling unit coils.   The Single fan set will come with wiring harness, automatic thermostat to activate the fans for ambient temps 85 degree or warmer when the cooling unit is needing the higher flow of air through the condenser fins.   When you install fans and ready to wire fans, all that's needed is a 12VDC positive (from any source) and a frame battery ground (from any source).   If you want to connect to the refrigerators incoming battery source, the wire harness will come with a piggyback terminal so you do not need to cut any original wires to use fan harness wiring.  All wire terminal for hook up are furnished and already crimped to wire harness. 

There are no holes drilled at any time to mount fans or brackets.

The fan specs are:

DC Brushless

Ball Bearings

DC 12 volt  range 10.2 to 13.7 

Amp draw  0.15a

3000 RPM

CFM Air flow 46.46

dBA 28.58

each fan size:  92 x 92 x 25 mm  or 3 3/8 x 3 5/8 x 1 inch

You can also omit the thermostat (furnished) that's with unit an install your own toggle switch (not furnished) to turn fans ON or OFF as you choose or you can use the furnished thermostat to activate only of one fans and use your added toggle switch to activate the second fan in very hot weather.  

Fan are only used to get good air flow condenser, not there to remove heat from the compartment.  The condenser  fins located at the very top of the cooling unit coils.

In the above listing the toggle switch mentioned is not part of the listing and not furnished by us.

The above listing is Dual Fan Kit, not an item that is an OEM replacement part for any brand refrigerator.

To install this on very small cooling units with smaller diameter coils you may need to modify the holder clamps to work.  This is a maybe for the small single door refrigerators is the 2 cu ft sizes.


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