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Digital Fan Control  thermostat now is ready to ship.   We are the only supplier of a Digital Fan  controller,  Fused along with a Master DC power toggle switch all mounted on steel powder coated Plate, to control the ON and OFF for any OEM fans or add-on fan kits

Our customers have asked where can they get a fan switch to control the rear condenser fans for the OEM installed fans  or replacement fans they add to the refrigerator back side  to activate at a better temp according to the weather condutions in their area..

The New fully adjustable fine tuning temp Fan Control will come in a fully inclosed plastic case with both the digital readout and the adjustable push buttons,  easy to read and use.   Main listing Picture shows how easy it would be mounted to fine tune your needed ON or OFF for the fan or fans.  .

Sometimes in different areas of the USA and with different installs the fan on the back side needs to be adjusted for any conditions rather they come ON  or cut OFF by the OEM pre-set fan switch.   You may need to change the OFF ON setting when going from Spring to Summer temps or  from high ambient temps to low ambeint temps or  from a small refrigerator or the Large refrigerator, and so on,  now you can install this adjustable fan control an fine tune your needs.

The digital read out shows the turn ON  temp, the temperature  at the sensor location, and the OFF temp.  Both the ON setting and the OFF setting is set by using the up down arrow for each.  Unit has a RED LED light when in the fan running ON mode and a GREEN LED light when in the none running mode.

The temp sensor can be place at any location you chose, rather you want to set the "ON" "OFF" for ambeint temps or wire tie to the lower loop of cooling unit coils temp to turn "ON" or "OFF" according to cooling unit working mode.  Most cooling units in a working mode will produce around 95 degree or higher at the lower loop tubing temps (just above the tank),  you set the Fan Controls to activate fans at 95 degree (35C) and set the OFF temp at a lower number so fan turn OFF when not in the cooling mode as the lower loops cool lower than 95 degree. The Fan controls digital read out will be read in a  Celsius temp.  Unit comes to you preset for around 31C (87F) ON and 26C (78F) OFF, change it to fine tune for your needs.

This unit can controls as many as 10 fans at one time

The center number would be the temp of where the sensor is located so you can adjust the start  and the stop temp accoring the sensor temp location which can respond to surface temp (sensor zip tied to lower loop) or air temps (sensor hanging loose a vent door). Here is a picture of the back side to view the PC board


The Fan controls box would be mounted any where you chose,  easy location mounting and be  secure.  Unit comes pre-wired so all you need is connect to 12VDC, Ground, and connect to your 2 fans wires.

Also comes with the Master power control with fuse and master toggle switch


NOTE! most all OEM fan switches only activate fans at a surface temp of 130 F degree, what if your refigerator needed more air flow before 130 degree.  The sooner the fans come on the faster the cooling unit will cool.



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